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Article: Best Pregnancy & Baby Products Recommended by You.

Best Pregnancy & Baby Products Recommended by You.

Best Pregnancy & Baby Products Recommended by You.

With so many pregnancy and baby products to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin, particularly if this is your first pregnancy or baby. We asked Bloomberri customers to share their top three product recommendations with us, from prams and comforters to freezer pods and belly oils. We'd love to hear your suggestions too! Simply leave a comment below. 

Jessica Redmond

Jessica lives in Brisbane and is mum to 12-month-old Rudy (pictured here). She works as a chiropractic assistant and is also a qualified naturopath with a passion for cooking and healthy food bought from local farmers markets.

Product 1: Ergobaby Omni 360. Rudy would not sleep during the day if we put her down for longer than 20 or so minutes, however, if I put her in the Ergobaby she would sleep for HOURS, so this was priceless for us. I carried her on me all day until she was 12-weeks-old, and have continued to use it regularly since. These days, she loves being outward facing, and it's super handy to use when we have to duck out for quick trips that don't require a pram or where the pram is too much effort. 

Product 2: Banksi & Banjo Kippins Comforters. We got Rudy these comforters as a sleeping aid/cue that didn't rely on us. We bought two of them so there would always be a backup/daycare one. She has come to absolutely love them - it probably helps that there is a dummy tied to one of the corner knots of the comforter (aka hands).

Product 3: WeanMeister Silicone Freezer Pods. It's really important to us to be able to feed Rudy home-cooked food and we use these regularly to freeze batches of meals for her. I like knowing that no nasty chemicals will leach from the silicone, and they are super easy to use and clean.

The Kippins Comforter and WeanMeister Freezer Pods. 

Nicole Stednik

Nicole lives in Melbourne and is expecting her first baby in September (she is keeping baby's gender a surprise). Nicole is a preschool teacher who loves travelling, beach walks, bike riding and hanging out with her adorable puppy, Arlo.

Product 1: Willow By The Sea Belly Oil. I’ve been using this oil since I was about nine weeks pregnant and love the way it makes my skin feel - so soft and smooth and no sign of any stretch marks yet :) 

Product 2: ALF Stella Nappy Bag. It’s the perfect baby nappy bag, stylish and sophisticated. It can be used as a nappy bag or a going out bag (if you like the over-sized look). I got mine in the rouge colour to keep it neutral as we don’t know the gender of the baby. I think the colour stands out and is just gorgeous. 

Product 3: Uppababy Vista Pram. It took us a little while to decide (well me only as I’m so indecisive) but we absolutely love this pram. It’s all black, stylish and super practical. It's easy to move and fold up and get in and out of the car, which is super important. You can easily add another seat to make it a double and the basket underneath is huge and has just enough space in it that our little pup can sit in it and come on walks with us. 

The ALF Stella Nappy Bag and Willow By The Sea Belly Oil. 

Hannah Perkins

Hannah lives in Robe, SA, and is expecting her first baby in October (and is also keeping the gender a surprise). Hannah recently moved back to Robe from Adelaide with her partner, Jordan, (pictured below) to start a family. She is currently working in a local cafe and has plans to start a swim school in Robe.

Product 1: Bio OilI have been using it every day since about week eight of pregnancy. I have similar skin to my mum and she had many scars to remember my older sister by, so I thought I’d at least give it a try. My skin feels awesome and it also helps my pants stay up over my belly at the beginning of the day.

Product 2: Uppababy Vista Pram. I am obsessed with this pram. When I got it home, all I wanted to do was walk around the house with it (silly, I know). It took a while to choose the pram, but I love the way this one looks and the price was pretty good too.

Product 3: Sleeping has become a little uncomfortable in the last few weeks. With so many pregnancy pillows on offer, I decided to give a normal pillow a go to begin with and it has helped so much. I put one either side of me and it keeps me in the right position all night. I might have to try something else soon, being 25 weeks, I have heard that it is only going to get worse.

Bio Oil and the Uppababy Vista Pram.

Rebecca Pham

Rebecca lives in Springfield, Queensland. She has two little girls, Scarlett, five, and Cara, two, and is expecting her third baby in November. Currently working as a relief (supply) teacher, she loves to sew clothes, read books, do puzzles and spend quality time with her daughters and husband.

Product 1: Tula Baby Carrier. I used this almost every day for both girls! Perfect during developmental leaps when bub only wants to be in Mum's arms, when out and about and bub needs a breastfeed but you have things to do, or just on walks or hikes so you can hold bub close.

Product 2: Devanti Aromatherapy Humidifier. This is great to use with essential oils or simply eucalyptus oil when bub has a stuffy nose, or lavender to promote calm and sleep. 

Product 3: Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappies. These are comfortable, environmentally friendly, cost effective and come in so many beautiful designs! 

The Tula Baby Carrier and Little Aussie Monster Cloth Nappy.

Eszter Vasenszky

Eszter is the founder of Bloomberri and lives in Adelaide with her daughters, Abigail, five, and Emily, three. 

Product 1: Philips Avent Combined Steamer Blender. This contraption was an absolute blessing throughout the baby and toddler stage with both girls. You simply put your fruit and veg in, steam it, turn it over and blend it. It's easy to use and saves a lot of time not having to wash up different pots and pans when making food for little ones.

Product 2: MyBaby By HoMedics SoundSpa. I found both of my girls responded well to white noise to go to sleep as babies. This soother plays four different sounds and is also portable, so you can take it with you in the car or when going out. I used to pop it in the pram when we were out walking or shopping and it worked a treat! A lot of different brands have similar ones - this is just one that we picked up along the way and loved.

Product 3: Theraline Maternity Pillow. I can't recommend this pillow highly enough. My physio put me onto it and I still sleep with it now. It's a full body pillow that is super supportive during pregnancy and works really well for breastfeeding too. I now use it to read in bed and my husband also has one (because he kept stealing mine!). 

The Philips Avent Steamer Blender and MyBaby SoundSpa. 

Have you got suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Simply leave a comment below. 

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