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Hospital Bag Essentials From Bloomberri Mums

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Ready to pack your hospital bag? It can be daunting to know what and how much to pack - especially if you're doing it for the first time. We asked mums from our #BloomberriMumLife series to share their hospital bag must-haves. 

Kristen Berriman, Melbourne mum and entrepreneur, expecting a baby in June

"I am going to start packing my bag soon and I am definitely looking at packing only the necessities. For me, some of these essentials include comfortable, stretchy crops and pants (my Bloomberri Rise and Shine Tights will definitely be in there), t-shirts that are easy to feed in, warm slippers, my BasiK Organics Nipple Balm, Skin Balm and Bath Wash, Miss Mae Studio reusable breast pads, TOM organic maternity pads and Tooshies nappies, some Milky Goodness lactation cookies (because ensuring my milk supply is good is super important to me, plus I know how hungry I get when feeding!), Pure Baby and Bonds onesies and singlets for bubs and a couple of stretchy swaddles and blankets."

Tarryn Krysten, Bloomberri campaign model and first-time mum

"Being my first bubba, I packed like I was going away for a weekend. I brought my makeup and an outfit for a walk to a lovely cafe nearby... what was I thinking? Unfortunately for me, labour and birth were tough so applying makeup and going out for lunch didn't really go to plan. I worked out that these were my essentials:

Baby clothing; singlets (x5) and jumpsuits (x5) are a must. And don't forget mittens, beanies and socks. Maternity pads/ disposable underwear; either of these are needed. I found that disposable underwear was so great due to my complications after birth. It just made things a lot easier. Nipple cream/ nipple shields; if you're going to give breastfeeding a go, get some nipple cream (Lansinoh) or nipple shields just in case. Breastfeeding didn't come easy for me and these items were helpful. Also, nursing bras and nursing pads are a must-have too. Dummy; whatever you're planning to do with feeding, I used a dummy even though I was trying to breastfeed. A natural rubber teat dummy is a great choice for breastfeeding or the Avent orthodontic dummy for bottle feeding."

Jen Ong, Sydney blogger, expecting her fourth baby in July

"Bring heaps of maternity pads because you’ll need them for sure. Bring whatever relaxes you and keeps you sane. For me it was food and drinks - I love juice!"

Kate Caville, Brisbane personal trainer and first-time mum

"Lolly snakes for labour are a 100% must-have. Shampoo and conditioner. So many people told me not to worry about these things, saying: 'the last thing you will have time or energy for is washing your hair...' Ummm, nope, I don't agree! This was the best thing I could do and I actually washed my hair twice while in hospital. It's so nice to take a few minute to yourself to get clean and fresh. It helps make you feel like a new woman. iPad to watch Netflix and do all of the newborn registration forms online. The days are long in hospital, so it's good to have something to keep you entertained."

Morgan Mullins, Swiss-based yoga teacher and mum to a new baby boy

"Nipple cream/butter (you’ll thank yourself later), maternity panties, lip balm, socks, my Bloomberri Lilly Bralette, and my Bloomberri Rise and Shine Tights (it felt great to ‘hug’ everything in)."

Eszter Vasenszky, Bloomberri founder and mum-of-two

"My pregnancy pillow, even though it was huge and took up way too much space. I brought it to hospital for both births - the first was a c-section and the second a natural birth. It felt great to curl up with a comfortable pillow from home during those first few days recovering and I found it really useful for breastfeeding too. I used the Theraline maternity pillow, and honestly couldn't recommend it highly enough. I also packed fruit and snacks to curb the hunger pangs while breastfeeding in the middle of the night - this was a definite life-saver considering how much time I spent nursing at all hours."

We'd love to hear your suggestions! Please share them in the comments below. Read more from our blog here.

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