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Article: Finding Your Inner Zen

Finding Your Inner Zen

Finding Your Inner Zen

Morgan Mullins is a Swiss mum-of-two, yoga teacher and a school teacher to students with special needs. When she isn’t teaching or looking after her new baby boy and six-year-old daughter, you can find her begrudgingly taking a spin class or enthusiastically planning her family’s next holiday.

Congratulations on the arrival of your little boy. How have your first weeks together been?

The early days with a newborn are crazy and exhausting! I am constantly wondering which day it is, how long it has been since I washed my hair, and whether or not I remembered to pack my eldest child’s lunch. When did I last go grocery shopping? Who is going to do the laundry? I think we all need a postpartum fairy godmother for the first few weeks.

What has been the biggest change for you since having a baby? 

I naïvely assumed the transition from one child to two would be somewhat smooth. While it hasn’t been pure chaos, it has been challenging for us all to find our rhythm. My eldest recently said: ‘babies are so small but so needy!’ How observant you are, my sweet. 

You teach yoga, which no doubt put you in good stead for staying active during pregnancy. Were there any things you changed or focused on while practicing yoga during pregnancy?

During my first pregnancy, I had no problem staying active and didn’t need many modifications in my yoga practice. However, this time around was a bit different! This little bub made me so sick early on, I found it difficult to maintain my ‘normal’ yoga practice. I quickly realised handstands and arm balances just weren’t on the cards for this pregnancy. It was quite humbling to modify my practice. I also found this to be incredibly helpful in teaching, as I felt it helped me become more mindful and purposeful in my sequencing. I just wound up feeling so much more connected to myself... not always focusing on the pose but rather the overall ebb and flow of the practice.

How has your postpartum recovery been and what does staying active look like for you now? 

Recovery has been a breeze! Just kidding... postpartum recovery is no joke! Childbirth is tough, no matter what type of delivery you have, and the body needs time to recover accordingly. I am about six weeks postpartum now and have been enjoying a very gentle yoga practice since one month postpartum. It feels so good to stretch, breathe, and move (even if only a little). I am also much more conscious this time around to focus on my pelvic floor (nobody enjoys leaking when they sneeze)!

 What baby gadget could you not live without?

The one ‘gadget’ that I have found to be absolutely necessary for my babies is a zippered swaddle! Seriously, if I don’t swaddle this bub up before bed, no one is getting any sleep.

What is your favourite item from the Bloomberri maternity activewear range? 

That is simple: the Rise and Shine Tights paired with the Milk and Love Tank. Both were exceptionally comfortable and supportive during pregnancy and I wear them constantly now. The leggings are perfect for yoga, spin, and lounging on the couch. The nursing tank is flattering and provides easy access when breastfeeding. 

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