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Article: What Being a Mum Means to Me

What Being a Mum Means to Me

What Being a Mum Means to Me

It has certainly been a rocky start to 2020, particularly for those of us caring for little ones in iso or preparing to have a baby during this uncertain time. With social distancing restrictions finally beginning to lift (at least in Australia), this Mother's Day will hopefully mark the start of easier times ahead. We asked three Bloomberri mums to tell us what being a mum means to them and how they will celebrate Mother's Day this weekend.

Michelle Lee

Michelle lives in North Bondi, Sydney, and is mum to two little girls; Florence, three-and-a-half, and Camila, five months (pictured above). Currently on maternity leave from her role as a primary school teacher, Michelle loves exercising, spending time with family and swimming in the Bronte Ocean Pool when she has a child-free moment.

"Being a mum for me is about raising little humans that are comfortable in their own skin and feel they can be whoever it is they wish to be. It’s also about my own growth and being mindful about parenting the way I would like to while trying not to subconsciously repeat old patterns. It’s about being kind to myself and knowing there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. I love waking up to their beautiful smiles and seeing the love the girls have for each other. Being a mum certainly isn’t easy but it is most definitely worth it. 

"I’m excited to spend this Mother’s Day as a family of four and hoping my husband will cook us pancakes for breakfast. With NSW easing their restrictions, I am hoping we will be able to visit my mum. We haven't been able to visit each other since the restrictions were put into place and we all miss Grandma! I'm also hoping my little one gets the Mother’s Day memo and decides to wake a little less often, so I can get some much needed sleep. The four-month sleep regression has got us good!" 

Kelyn Pratt

Kelyn lives in Melbourne and is celebrating her first Mother's Day with eight-month-old daughter, Lucy (above). She's currently on mat leave from her role as a project manager and, when time permits, can be found cooking up a storm (in the company of good wine) or heading off on 'adventure days' with her family.

"Being a mum is something I’m still trying to work out and evolve with as we stumble our way through. As my daughter grows each day, I grow with her and find new parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Parts that make me determined to help her grow into a women who is happy within herself, who is kind to everyone around her and, more importantly, kind to herself. But if I could only achieve one thing as a mum, it would be for my girl to know that she is always safe in my arms and loved ridiculous amounts!

"This Mother’s Day will be my first as a mum so that will be extra special. Given we have been in self-isolation for a while now, I’m hoping Melbourne’s weather plays nice and we can go for a nice family walk and maybe even feed the cows that live along our usual walking track. Failing that, a cosy day rugged up on the couch watching Disney movies and eating popcorn would be just as perfect."

Michaela Witt

Michaela is a Brisbane-based primary school teacher (currently on mat leave) and mum to one-year-old daughter, Matilda. She has a second baby on the way and enjoys pilates, arts and crafts, sewing, baking and spending time with her family. 

"A mum is someone who has many different roles. Being a mum, I am a role model, a protector, a teacher, a problem solver, a friend, a listener and much more. Every day is different with good days and some challenging days. There are days where you don’t get much sleep, or you can barely get any jobs done. There are others where there is so much joy and laughter and you are the one person they need the most, whether it’s for a snuggle or needing to be comforted. I am learning so much and am surrounded by so many mothers that I continue to lean on for advice and support. I love the instant connection I have with Matilda and the bond that we share. Motherhood is a precious gift and I love being a mum.

"This year, I will be spending Mother’s Day with my family. My husband wants to do something special with Matilda and I and thought a great way would be doing some hands-on craft to make it memorable. I hope to also be able to see my mum for Mother’s Day this year too. We are hoping we can enjoy a nice family picnic together. Being one of four and the only girl in my family, my mum is my best friend and we are very close. It's one of things I cherish the most and cannot wait to make the same memories with my own daughter."

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